Client Testimonials

“I had an opportunity to speak with Coach Melissa in an introductory session and I loved it! She is so easy to talk with. After just one conversation, I was convinced that I want to work with her. That’s why I am attending her group coaching sessions.”
– Dina L.

“I recently spoke with Coach Melissa in reference to starting up a small business. Her financial advice was insightful and will definitely influence how I grow my business. She had practical ideas and was a pleasure to deal with.”
– A. R.

“So far I have only had my initial Get-Acquainted call with a colleague of Melissa’s. I found him to be very encouraging and hopeful to what I saw as a hopeless situation. He has gone above and beyond his services to help us find a resolution to our situation. We are now signed up to receive a full coaching package and I am looking forward to putting all the bad stuff behind. Thank you Coach Melissa and Staff.”
– Rae Ann

“I really felt comfortable talking to Coach Melissa about a very personal issue. She is a caring and helpful coach and gave some good information to keep us going with our financial peace experience.”
– Jan A.

Coach Melissa was a guest on my Podcast where we discussed the challenges of a single Mom with two children in private school. Her recommendations were spot-on and provided hope for a client who was feeling hopeless. She could relate with the client from her own personal experiences and has a real heart for helping others. Thank you Coach Melissa!” 
– Steve Stewart

“Coach Melissa is very competent and caring. She really understands what it’s like to be in financial hardship. She treats people with compassion and caring.”
– Alma C.

“Coach Melissa spent an entire hour with me for our phone appointment. She was very sensitive to my needs and helped me to find referrals for other needs, as well.”
– Rosa E.

“Melissa knows exactly how to put things so that I can get the most out of our sessions! I have had all of my finances computerized and categorized, but didn’t know where to go from there….with Melissa’s help, I’m moving on to the next level!”
– Sage G.

“We highly recommend Coach Melissa. My wife and I were going through some pretty rough times financially, and we did not know how to achieve a debt-free life with our financial challenges. With her experience and guidance, Melissa helped us develop a plan and stay on track. And she cares a lot about our success. Melissa is helping us learn to be more successful financially. We wanted to achieve our goals now, versus maybe never. We now have a good and clear plan. Thank you, Melissa.”
– Jim and Claudia T.

“I really needed some advice and it was just what I was looking for at that moment. If I could I would sign up for the recommended visits, but I cannot at this moment. However, with the information given, and the wake-up call she gave me regarding my financial situation, I WILL stay on the track discussed. Thank You Melissa for your time.”
– Rona W.

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